Fabio Carneiro

I’m Fabio Carneiro,
Email & User Experience Designer.

I love helping others conquer email design—for seven years, I designed and developed kick-ass emails at MailChimp, in Atlanta, GA, helping more than 15 million users across the world send better email.

I’ve given talks at The Email Design Conference, Smashing Conference, and ConvergeSE, recorded courses for Skillshare and Treehouse, and shared my expertise in publications like Smashing Magazine and Smashing Book.


Interested in what I've done?
Here's a small sampling of my work.

I specialize in email design, development, and user experience. For the sake of brevity, only my most-recent work is displayed. Wanna work together? Let’s talk.


I designed MailChimp's UX Newsletter, which relays stories from the front lines of user experience design to over 30,000 readers.


For Khoi Vinh’s Subtraction, I designed and developed a modular, responsive framework for RSS-fed newsletter emails.


Need to get my attention?
Let us speak using the magic of the Internet.

Have a question about email design? Interested in having me speak? Want to trade funny cat pictures? Just reach out to me via Twitter, Email, or LinkedIn and we can have a chat. It’ll be good times.*

*Good times not guaranteed, but I’ll be nice. I’ll respond as soon as I can.